Our trip to Canada with Radley went great. She did very well in the truck (15 hour drive the first day, after that we broke the drive up into shorter durations). She also did well in the float plane as well as one hotel and a bed and breakfast. Of course the highlight of the trip for her was living right on a lake for 4 days – we couldn’t keep her out of the water. And oddly, at least from our experience, she would dunk her whole head in the water rutting for sticks. She is an extraordinarily well behaved dog. She walks very well off the leash, says in our yard (front and back without any type of fence) and we can leave her to run the house when we leave without any concern she will “get into trouble”. We have fallen in love with her, and she thinks we are just part of her pack! She is a very sweet dog and the best dog I have ever owned. Thanks again.
Gibson Family,Vancouver Canada

I just took these pictures today and uploaded them.  He hasn’t been groomed in a few weeks, but look how fabulous he looks!  Imagine him freshly washed and puffed.  He is AWESOME.  I kid you not, he is the perfect dog.  His temperament is so wonderful.  He is playful and loves people and new dogs.  He is the happiest dog ever.  He comes up to me for lap time – gives me some snuggles and a few kisses.  Then he hops off and goes somewhere to play by himself.  Not needy! He is the fastest thing you have ever seen.  We have mini tennis balls for him and he looks like a flying powder puff when he fetches them.  We have been looking into putting him in obstacle courses.  He has absolutely NO health issues (knock on wood) and such a cheery disposition… I wish I could have 6 more frenchies!!
Jennifer Auret California,USA

I just wanted to send you an update about Tessa and Annabelle.  Tessa is from the litter of Tanner and Daisy.  You are correct in that she has a mellow attitude EXCEPT when it comes to playing with Annabelle and food! I have attached some pictures of both dogs for you to view.They seem to be inseparable now and we could not have imagined how close they would become in such a small period a time. Tessa celebrated her six month birthday last week while Annabelle is cruising into adulthood very nicely at 2-1/2 yearsold.Bob and I would like to thank both of you (and your children!) for both Annabelle and Tessa. We are blessed to have them in our lives as we continually find joy because of them (mostly at the stupid things that they get into).
With Warm Regards,
Tina and George Nevada

I sent you a picture of me and my husband are the ones who adopted Charlie. We just wanted to let a lot, and is really well-behaved, and he’s grown a lot. When I took him for his vet check up, the vet said everything is good and he’s perfectly healthy. I have attached some pics, so you can see how big he’s gotten.
Hardy Berns Atlanta,GA

A BIG thanks to Amazing Grace Frenchies Home for such a remarkable, well mannered and smart french bulldog! While searching the internet for a frenchy I came across Amazing Grace Frenchies Home. Seeing Bruno on the website blew me away. I contacted Amazing Grace Frenchies Homeand now I’m the proud master of Bruno and Gina’s son whom I named Bruno. Thanks again Amazing Grace Frenchies Home for all your help and making this a good experience! We will stay in touch. Jackson French bulldogs Home is the best!
Robert Grope Iowa
My family and I purchased our puppy from you on January 21st 2016. He is such an amazing dog. Big, smart, loving, and a absolute goof ball. But besides the obvious about his dogs, he went above and beyond during the purchase. We talked on the phone about what we were looking for in a pet, and wanted to know about us and the future home of his pup. And….he rushed him to us THE NEXT DAY! Such a great experience
The Rocks Family In Oregon

Sammy is a “very healthy puppy”. He was also very popular.All the people and staff wanted to cuddle him! Dr Coffman said “this is the highlight of my day” when he walked in the checkup room.
Thanks for everything! –
Lucy and Laura Manitoba,Canada

Ann Johnson

This is our 3rd puppy from you and our 2nd Bulldog. Your entire crew made our experience a great one. We cannot say enough about the quality of your puppies, your staff and their service. Thanks for everything!

Debbie Naperville
We bought a 2 month old Bulldog puppy from you guys. Infact its a great puppy from a great store. Quite simply put, we can’t be happier!

Louis Aurora

My family and I are very happy with our new puppy and with the service that Happiness Is Pets provided. Everything was awesome! We got our first puppy from you in 2014 and just got another Pekingese. We recommend Happiness Is Pets to everyone we know!


Just an update on “Marvel French bulldog” She is absolutely amazing, Last week we learned Sit, Touch, Look, and Down in ONE day and, Bella now rings a bell with her nose when she needs to go outside.
We Love Love Love her and just might get another girl next year Thank You for providing us with her.

Our puppy is going on 9months now and we just can’t imagine life without her crazy sweet self! She was from Isabelle and Kojack’s litter and is so beautiful.She has such a personality and is so smart, sweet and cuddly! Kennel training was a breeze, and she learned her high fives in less than five minutes! We highly recommend using Marvel French bulldog and hope to come back some day ourselves for a little sibling!
We purchased our Frenchie in May of 2015. We had a good experience! Your staff was very helpful and not pushy at all. We were able to take our time and decide which puppy was best for our family. Thanks much!

Eileen Naperville

Your dog was an amazing help to us. when purchasing, your staff answered all of my questions and did not make me feel pressured at all. Thanks


I have been meaning to give you an update on Frank. He is 18 weeks now and around 14 lbs. He is a fantastic friend and a great addition to my family. He is a great addition to my office as well. He loves to eat and chew everything! He’s also a digger. I’m not sure how I am going to have a garden this year but I’ll figure something out.

Caitlin N. from Kansas

Our puppy is doing just fine. He fits in just perfect. He and Liza Jane just love each other. We are so happy to have him with us. Thank you for sending to us such a wonderful puppy!