We are Veterinarian & Canine Behaviorist French Bulldog Breeder-Breeding better dogs in health, longevity, intelligence & temperament. French Bulldog puppies raised the right way, custom raised just for you & your family, your puppy will be scent imprinted to you, your family & your home. Your puppy will also be sound desensitized to over 900 different sounds-these puppies won’t be afraid of thunder, fireworks, etc. The pups are raised in a special puppy nursery that is enriched specifically to grow puppy brains making them smarter and easier to train. The pups have also started clicker training! But beyond everything else that we do you will find your soul mate here, not just a dog!

Our very special puppies are raise by us, a licensed veterinarian & canine behaviorist so everything is done right from conception to the time they go home!!! We are VERY confident in the puppies that we breed and raise, so confident that we guarantee their temperaments for 2 years and guarantee their health for 8 years!!! We choose the parents to be very carefully, they have had clear health screens on their hips, elbows, knees, heart, thyroid, brucellosis, heartworm disease, free of internal & external parasites, a full blood screen and temperament tested, they are AKC Canine Good Citizen certified and are registered Therapy Dogs, we go above and beyond to give our carefully screened families the absolute best possible puppy!!! We also offer our expert advice to our puppy people for the life of your puppy.
We are breeders who care far more about our dogs than ANYTHING else, our life revolves around their needs and happiness and I am VERY picky about the families/people I choose for one of my babies! We are in the animal health care business being a licensed Veterinarian, Vet Tech. & Canine Behaviorist/trainer, our breeding is not a business but our life’s passion over the last three decades! We love to share our experience with the dogs that have brought so much love & happiness into our lives with others who will appreciate just how special these dogs are!!! They are truly amazing!!!Image result for Pics of french bulldogs and their family
We try to keep the price of puppies just at a mid range level, which is not near as high as some breeders who offer far less quality & support than we do but we just want to set the price at a reasonable amount so that we are able to continue breeding the exceedingly high quality of puppies that we are known for (which is the only way we’d do it), giving them the best of everything, food, supplements, toys, training. Since I also buy puppies I know what it’s like to deal with breeders and the whole process of trying to buy a good puppy, so I try to make it easier as well as a very special and memorable experience for the people who adopt one of our babies.
We have such confidence in the quality of our puppies that we guarantee their genetic health for life and guarantee their temperament for 2 years!!!Related image